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2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Unique, retro-styling. Great off-road capabilities. Good price relative to its competitors.

The Cons:Poor fuel economy. Cramped rear seating. Premium fuel.

The FJ Cruiser is a retro-style off-road SUV reminiscent of the older line of FJ-Series Land Cruisers. The 2007 model is the debut of the FJ Cruiser and is marketed towards young outdoor enthusiasts, with the pricing matching their budgets starting in the low $20,000s.

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The FJ Cruiser competes with the Hummer H3, Nissan Xterra, and the Jeep Wrangler in the mid-size sport-utility class of vehicles that are equipped for off-road driving. There are many accessories and upgrades available for the FJ Cruiser including a bike rack, rock rails, front skid plate, tow hitch, and a ski/snowboard rack. Unique features includes side-swinging rear cargo door, and half-size, rear-hinged suicide doors for the backseat passengers.

The only available engine is a 4.0 liter, V6 engine delivering 239 hp and 278 lb.-ft of torque. It's chassis is shared by the Toyota4Runner and the Lexus GX470, although the FJ is shorter. There are three versions available: a 4x2 automatic ($22,110), 4x4 manual ($23,290), and 4x4 automatic ($23,700).

A modified version of this FJ cruiser competes in the 1000 mile Mexican off-road race known as the Baja 100.

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    Unique, retro-styling

  • 9

    Great off-road capabilities

  • 8

    Good price relative to its competitors

  • 6

    Looks like a good off road vehicle

  • 5

    Extremely Customizable!!!

  • 4

    Excellent on-road handling, comfort

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    3200-club TRD Special Edition

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    Poor fuel economy

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    Cramped rear seating

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    Premium fuel

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    Awkward rear-passenger suicide doors

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    Poor visibility because of styling (huge blindspot)

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onyxravine: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser AirAid has a great air intake for this truck. It is seemingly a necessary upgrade over the stock air intake. Overall, I've noticed better performance with the stock Toyota oil filters over the K&N and Fram filters. Stick to stock for that. After almost 4 years, this is the only vehicle I can say I still LOVE! Dec 10, 10
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Erik: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser I am still interested in getting one.
Thanks for your comments onyxravine.
You pretty much confirm what I expected. Jul 25, 09
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onyxravine: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser Here's a little update on my FJ. I'm still the proud owner of it :) I'm a little over 16,000 miles. In the past year I did manage to take a long trailer trip and it was great! First off, popping it in 4WD on the highway in snow is great! Made it from NJ to FL in 19 hours through a blizzard (NJ-Virginia) and rainstorm (Virginia-South Carolina). On the way back, I pulled a midsized U-Haul trailer filled to the max weight limit and made it back to NJ is 17 hours. Luckily the weather was clear and dry on the way back. This is by far the ultimate utility truck.

I am starting to notice the blind spots a little more and have adjusted for them. Recently I installed LED turn signals and brake lights. They look great! If I get a chance I will try and post some pics.

My #1 complaint is the mileage. Local driving I get about 10-12 MPG and on the highway about 19-21. I know weight is part of that problem. I installed the tuffy security drawer in the trunk and it adds a good 150lbs or more, plus everything i got stuffed in it. Feb 23, 09
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euk: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser Has anyone towed a trailer? I was wondering if there is enough power to easily pull a double snowmobile trailer with snowmachines in hilly terrain or other types of trailers with heavy loads. Sep 21, 07
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euk: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser I really like the looks of this vehicle. It reminds me of a former vehicle I had that I really enjoyed driving.
The blind spot at the back should be addressed and could be troublesome.
I am looking forward to see how the vehilce holds up to rough road conditions over a longer period of time. Sep 13, 07
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onyxravine: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser hahahahaha nah, I love the TRD wheels, but here's a little of what I'm doing to it this month: ARB bullbar/steel front bumper w/ winch and foglights, 49" sunroof, Pioneer Avic D3, rear bumper guard, tow hitch, air horns. I'm doing a lot more to it, but the rest is kinda yes/no/not sure....I'll put up pictures in about a month when all the stuff should be in and on. Apr 3, 07
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Whipdaddy: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser Onyxravine... when are you going to slam it with some sick 22 inch wheels? Apr 3, 07
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onyxravine: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser I just bought a TRD edition and I have to say it is an amazing vehicle! I disagree with the suicide doors being awkward and the poor visibility. The mirrors are much taller but not narrower than many other vehicle mirrors. Looking back and to the sides, I do not notice any blockage other than the one small section just after the suicide doors, which doesn't matter as you can see that area in the mirrors......... I will say however that the gas mileage for a V6 is much less than optimal, could be in part that I've only put about 700mi on it sofar so could be break in still??? The rear seating is a bit cramped by view, but after I put people in the back it wasn't as cramped as it looked........My only other comment will be it's performance in the ice. "Don't do this at home" is all I can say. I took this puppy out for an ice run through sleet, snow, ice mounds, etc... and I must say it's performed better than any SUV I've ever been in! Those bridgestone tires and 4WD H come in very handy, so you better learn about them if you get this car! Apr 3, 07
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Erik: #2007_toyota_fj_cruiser This vehicle has it ups and downs, but, for me, you can't argue with its unique style, off-road abilities, and its price point. Mar 31, 07
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