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2007 Honda Fit

$13,850.00 Released April, 2006

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Excellent fuel consumption. Innovative folding rear seat allows for lots of storage. Very safe for its size and compared to competitors.

The Cons:Boxy look is unattractive.

What happens when Honda's baby, the Civic, grows up? The void gets replaced by a totally new model. The Fit is Honda's answer to the surge in the minicar category with the Toyota Yaris and Nissan's Versa.

Product Shot 2 In creating the Fit Honda preempted the concerns about small cars and offers a host of standard safety features including side front airbags, side curtain airbags, and an anti-lock braking system.

The other major concern is with space, and in this field Honda came up with two innovative solutions. Placing the fuel tank which usually lies underneath the rear seats, and placed them in the middle of the car is one design change Honda made to increase interior room. What Honda calls their Magic Seat system, which allows the rear and front seats to be rearranged in 5 different ways, transforms the Fit's interior to accommodate a variety of storage needs.

The North American models come with a standard 5 speed transmission available in both automatic and manual options. European and Japanese models have the new continuous variable automatic transmission system. The Fit is powered by a 1.5L engine that achieves 109HP at 5800 RPM. While performance isn't the Fit's strong point, fuel efficiency is near top of the class achieving a Low Emission Vehicle rating.

Honda is targeting the Fit towards student first-time car buyers and has geared a few of the features for that market. A 160 watt 4 speaker system is included standard. A sport version of the Fit is also available with mainly cosmetic changes.

Differences with the Honda Fit Sport Trim

  • wheels upgraded from 14" covered to 15" full allow.
  • addition of fog lights, underbody kit and roofline spoiler.
  • stereo upgraded to 200-watt 6 speaker system with MP3/WMA input and playback.
  • addition of a security system with remote entry.

And finally the automatic version of the Sport trim comes with paddle shifters on the steering wheel allowing you to drive in both manual and automatic modes.


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings (IIHS)
Front crash test - Good
Side impact test - Good

National Highway Safety Traffic Association (NHTSA)
Front crash driver's side - 5 stars
Front crash passenger's side - 5 stars
Side crash front seat - 5 stars
Side crash rear seat - 3 stars

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  • 8

    Excellent fuel consumption

  • 5

    Innovative folding rear seat allows for lots of storage

  • 4

    Very safe for its size and compared to competitors

  • 4

    Very roomy interior, considering it's small size.

  • 4

    Great value for the price.

  • -3

    Boxy look is unattractive

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Moreta: #2007_honda_fit I have one, got it on april 21, 2006. I am averaging about 42 miles per gallon. I have the manual sport . I have talked to a lot who have the automatics, they don't seem to get the same mileage not sure why. The Highest mileage I've gotten is 59 per gallon, on a long hwy run. I've had zero issues with it.

Ride.. is fairly smooth. a bit stiff in the rear. Truckish is the closest description I can use. NOT real truckish but, a touch of that truck stiffness.

It is VERY quick. Responds very well. I've had trucks, sports cars, etc.. I like this car for handling out of anything I've owned or driven. It also has a kick butt turning radius.

Its very quiet when running, I won't tell you how many times I tried to stat it a 2nd time cause I wasn't paying attention to the gauges, and couldn't hear the engine. I use cruise control a LOT.. I've caught myself numerous times being way over the speed limit. The seats are comfortable. I love being able to flip up the back seat to stuff things onto the floor.
The ability to see is outstanding and it sits up a bit higher than normal wagon. I do have a racing rear view mirror that I added. But, even without that it's great. Lots of windows. Get tinting if you are somewhere it gets warm, it does make a difference.

Don't let the dealer sell you a bunch of stuff.. extras.. the one I do have and I bought it through my mechanic (honda certified.. ) is the rear rubber guard for the rear bumper. Yes you do need it, I think now that you probably could go to any of the auto stores and get one, it will help protect the top of the bumper from scratches and such if you are sliding stuff into the back.

The rubber floor mats are way easier to clean than the others. Window side visors.. I still haven't gotten them but, if you drive with the window cracked or down. If its raining, you will need them, water just pours into the car. Nov 27, 07
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Erik: #2007_honda_fit I haven't driven the Fit, but I've looked at it a few times in the showroom. I love this car. There is ample room for such a small car. It look great, too! I'm a fan. Mar 15, 07
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